a little description of what’s going on here

This blog has basically evolved into a place for me to display my various works of poetry. While most of it is pretty self explanatory (there’s a snowflake, it melts), the other pieces might seem a bit more obtuse at first. In brief, they are found (or if you prefer, erasure) poems. Essentially I take content from another source (in my case books) and then deconstruct the text into a new piece of poetry. In my case, I prefer to keep the word placement just as it was on the original page. This creates the lovely “floating” words and the rather haphazard page layouts. Apologies (not really. That’s just how my found poems work).

If you want to know more about found poetry, check out the Found Poetry Review, the Found Poetry Wikipedia page, or the incredibly well-populated Found Poetry wordpress blog.

If there are specific questions regarding anything I’ve written, shoot me a message. If there are non-specific questions regarding everything I haven’t written, write a book about  it and make some sweet dollars.


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