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Singing in







Unlike your other side,

Vanishing lady train get off

My life boat, stuck with others

Europe under nazi’s czech’s

Hello Britain I’m traveling you

With a young-older woman

Ms. Unusual name

I’ve protoganisted! Abducted!

Redgrave in the burial

Mound. Great stuff with my

Splitting head, in the tunnel

The twisted plot that’s untied

By line one of WWII

Hello Mr. Churchill, you’ve

Summoned me, I’m young.

Love good food, inexperienced

In walking, moving.

Please defeat the American

Non-threat by representing

Britain. Slandered! Tribute

To the natives. Meet Jimmy!

Based on a book of psychological

Atmosphere. Tired, tired, tired

Wornt out in the European dream

Of American dichotomy. Holland!

Orwell art is propaganda! But

Don’t try reverse! It’s too

Appealingly innocent, no doubt


The Alfred Cameo.


Visions of light documentary

Voyeurism applicable

Drawn forbidden all apart of

Theory I’ll explain it all

Subtitled art visions of

Lightotographers illustrated

Beginning to creation

Ideal! Talk! Let’s start

Look later too many to

Assimilate too interesting

To think about, pull

Number tenographer for


The arrival of German

Orson expressionism

Listenless. Dark.


That’ll be sufficient for today.


About mattfaw

Hi, my name is Matt and I enjoy writing things, eating things, writing eats, and thinging writes.
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