i have outgrown every feeling i have ever felt

i have wasted every moment that i’ve kept

i have ignored every chance to make a difference

i have hated every idea without a reason

but i haven’t climbed into my coffin yet

and if i’m given ten more years with every freedom i currently possess…

well well well well well…

then someday i’ll be old all stored up with wisdom like barns after harvest

and then i can say without a doubt

but rather something of conviction



i have pierced every hand i have seen laid on a cross

i have rejected every god that i have ever met

i have ignored the silence that you inhabit

i have ignored the shouting of your voice that screams out

of cracks in the trees

and when i ran through the city streets stomping on every puddle it was because i hated the idea that you lived in the stillness of their short and shallow lives.


but i still can’t outrun Forgiveness can i?”


About mattfaw

Hi, my name is Matt and I enjoy writing things, eating things, writing eats, and thinging writes.
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